AGL 025: Anthony Roldan from HubSpot – Culture Code

In this episode I interview Anthony Roldan from HubSpot about the companies culture code.

I was pretty much blown away with the autonomy and freedom that HubSpot offer’s their employees.  Their growth is amazing and there is no doubt that they are a leader in the marketing software industry.  I’ve followed their blog for a while and used lots of their free tips and tools for marketers in the past, but this was my first time meeting and talking to one of their employees.

Some of my key take aways:

  • I was shocked and intrigued by their “no QA” on projects.  I love the idea, but it also scares me as a software development manager.
  • I love their hiring process.
  • Their culture is amazing and it must have taken some serious faith to implement that from the top down as they have done.
  • Be sure to listen for tips on how you can implement some of the these items at your own work place.
  • Anthony Roldan is an up and coming star at HubSpot.  I hope I’m not embarrassing him here, but you can tell he’s passionate and extremely intelligent.  He knows that Leadership is important in the growth that hubspot has experienced.
  • Did you catch how he got his current role?  He just started doing it, and they created it for him.  He stretched himself, like we talked about in episode 24.

A big thank you to Anthony Roldan from HubSpot! You can reach him at Anthony Roldan <> or at twitter @aroldan.

anthony roldan

You have to check out this HubSpot culture code… pretty amazing:

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