AGL 047: The Leadership Journey with Jim Holmes

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July 23, 2018
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AGL 047: The Leadership Journey with Jim Holmes

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The Leadership Journey is a book by Jim Holmes.  Jim joins me today for a great talk about his journey through leadership, his book, and some struggles and adversity he’s been through and how he’s working to overcome them.

You can read about Jim and his writings on his blog Frazziled Dad.

leadership-journeyJim’s beginnings start from a farming background, then a time in the Air Force learning technology and leadership while in the service.  While in the service, he met his wife, who was an officer at the time, while he was enlisted.  Having a relationship was against the rules, so Jim left the Air Force and started getting IT jobs while “following his wife’s career.”  Thus began his technical Leadership Journey.

During this interview we talk about this journey, some of Jim’s biggest challenges becoming a technical leader and the hardest thing he’s ever had to overcome.  I know I say this a lot, but this is a MUST listen to interview. We talked about quality of software delivery and the importance of a field trip and relationship building. Jim talks about the Imposter Syndrom and  how he deals with it along with how he deals with FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt).  We talked about Jim’s most full-filling and rewarding part of being a leader.

Also, I highly recommend Jim’s book.  It’s a quick and easy read full of lots of practical tips that leaders can apply immediately. I read it over a weekend on my iPad and made lots of notes of things to take back to my team.

Please thank Jim on twitter @aJimHolmes and pick up a copy of The Leadership Journey: Practical tips on starting or changing your leadership journey.

Also please check out this talk (see below) by Jim. It is one of the reasons I wanted him on the show. It’s heartfelt and shows you how what doesn’t kill you, can make you stronger. It also shows the journey it takes to make you stronger isn’t easy and isn’t immediate. It takes time… its a process not a project.


We’ve become adverse to adversity


Books Mentioned Today

The Leadership Journey: Practical tips on starting or changing your leadership journey

Trusted Advisor

Emotional Intelligence 2.0


Makes You Stronger

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