AGL 079: John Allen – Navy Seal – Elite Meet

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November 7, 2018
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AGL 079: John Allen – Navy Seal – Elite Meet

John Allen

Just another #1 world ranked video game player turned philosopher turned Navy SEAL turned non-profit startup CEO.

John Allen is the CEO of Elite Meet, a Non-Profit organization he co-founded along with Jordan Selleck that connects high performing, transitioning veterans, like Navy SEALs and Fighter Pilots, with companies who are looking to hire. He started out at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, after which he served in the Navy as a Navy SEAL for seven years.

Now the former Navy SEAL, turned non-profit start up CEO helps Navy SEALs, fighter pilots and other elite veterans find meaningful employment after they leave active duty.

Today We Talked About:

  • Video Games?  Skate – #1 ranked in the World!
  • War Stories
  • Leadership After the Navy
  • Aggressively use LinkedIn, but don’t look or sound like everyone else.
  • Be Shameless
  • The Best Leaders are good at making quick decisions and are confident in their choices


Connect with John Allen:

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