AGL 081: Agendashift with Mike Burrows

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November 19, 2018
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AGL 081: Agendashift with Mike Burrows

Mike Burrows

Today on the show we’ve got Mike Burrows.  Mike is a leader in the lean, agile and project management community.  He’s a well known speaker and consultant.

About Mike 

Agendashift founder Mike Burrows is the author of Kanban from the Inside (2014) and Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2018); his third book Right to Left: the digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile is due in 2019. He is recognized for his pioneering work in Lean, Agile, and Kanban and his advocacy for participatory and outcome-oriented approaches to change, transformation, and strategy. Prior to his consulting career, Mike was global development manager and Executive Director at a top tier investment bank, and CTO for an energy risk management startup.

Today We Talked About

  • Lean
  • Engagement
  • Agile
  • Leadership
  • Identify the authentic situation of need
  • Understand the What/When/Where of the project
  • AgendaShift – Engagement Model
  • Avoid Micromanagement
  • Self-organization
  • Understanding pain-points of users and a vision of what people would like to see
  • Change doesn’t have to be tiny small changes, it can be big picture change
  • Focusing on outcomes, not solutions
  • Get a mentor, read/listen to books.

Connect with Mike

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