AGL 098 : AI from Sergey Razin, CTO at Swampfox

About Sergey Razin

CTO, Faculty Member @ USC and Serial Entrepreneur

As CTO, Sergey is responsible for driving product strategy and innovation. As noted authority in advanced analytics and machine learning, Sergey pioneered and hold patents in the application of these technologies in the areas of security and media analysis, expert systems and natural language processing. He is an expert in applied behavior analytics and creator of Topological Behavior Analysis (TBA).

Sergey has also served as Principal Investigator (PI), leader in research, development and architecture in areas of big data analytics, speech recognition, telephony, and networking.

Sergey is a faculty member at the University of South Carolina covering topics of AI and Entrepreneurial Engineering as well as Industry Advisory board member at USC.

Sergey holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the Moscow State Scientific Center of Informatics. He also holds a BS in computer science from the University of South Carolina.

Today We Talked About

  • How he got started in Technology
  • Accidental Ph.D.
  • Being a Professor
  • AI for Customer Experience
  • Awareness
  • The importance of Data
  • AI being proactive for customer benefits
  • Leaders and AI
  • Learning about Machine Learning and AI
  • AI showing its work is up to the developer

Connect with Sergey


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