AGL 106: Lifter Leadership with Paresh Shah

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May 31, 2019
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June 14, 2019

AGL 106: Lifter Leadership with Paresh Shah

Paresh Shah

About Paresh

Paresh Shah is a positive force around everyone he meets. He is a rare combination of a personal advisor to CEOs, Business Professor, Harvard MBA, Technology Entrepreneur, Innovation and Leadership trainer and popular mindfulness/yoga instructor.

Mr. Shah is truly an international business expert that brings a unique and powerful perspective to business.  His abilities to connect with audiences and clients across the globe and bring unique perspectives to client problems have made him a sought-after speaker, master business strategist, Non-Obvious innovation trainer, workshop leader and coach to CEO’s, executives and celebrities around the world.

Paresh is Chief Strategist and Value Architect at global innovation consultancy, The Non-Obvious Company.  His company helps clients think in Non-Obvious ways in order to solve their most pressing problems.  The Non-Obvious Company provides clients deep, actionable expertise in innovation, strategy, trends, engagement, leadership, mindfulness and transformative leadership.  With a passport spilling over with stamps, Paresh brings a diverse and global perspective from multiple industries and perspectives to everything he does.   Over the past 25 years, he and his team have developed a breakthrough paradigm for modern purposeful leadership, called Lifter Leadership, highly in demand by companies seeking to be more innovative internally, engaging with customers, motivating to workers and purposeful in responsibility.

Paresh brings an actionable approach to his clients from his deep experience as an operating executive and successful entrepreneur.   Mr. Shah founded several operating companies including a multimedia company, secure commerce company and audio accessory company.

Paresh has spoken at leading conferences such as AIA, TedX, SXSW (South by Southwest), Wisdom 2.0, the International Yoga Expo, GAMA Financial Leadership, Junior Achievement Global, CES and other international conferences and corporate events.  Mr. Shah’s thinking and insights have been featured in publications such as Forbes,, Inc., Entrepreneur, Smart CEO, Killer Startups, and Harvard Business School Press.

Mr. Shah was featured as a Global Innovator for the United Nations International Peace Day and he has been a distinguished guest in global dialog around fostering World Compassion and Peace.

Today We Talked About

  • Paresh’s geeky background
  • 7 Deadly Blind Spots of Technical Talent
  • 7 Gear head Strengths
  • Lifter Leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Poor Communications
  • Lack of Customer Centricity
  • Micromanagement
  • Making Business/Human Tradeoffs
  • Conflict Management
  • Uninspiring Leadership
  • Limited Creativity

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