AGL 110: Start With Your People – Brian Dixon

About Brian:Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything

Brian Dixon is a podcaster, conference speaker, and business coach. He believes that each of us were made for a purpose. You will discover that purpose by clarifying your calling, discovering your audience, and creating your products, which will help you navigate a clear path to impact and income.

Brian is passionate about helping authors, speakers, and aspiring messengers create a sustainable business through growing their platform, and creating compelling online courses. He is the co-founder of hope*writers, a membership site of over 2,000 working writers. Brian has a doctoral degree from the University of San Diego. He and his wife Julie live in Charlotte, NC with their three young children.

Today We Talked About:

  • Why your family actually helps you succeed at work, and how to see your kids as a legacy instead of a liability
  • The counter-intuitive method to increase your income (without quitting your job)
  • Little-known secrets to convert your under-performing team to a powerful dream team
  • Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care
  • write down details
  • Start with Your people
  • Write a manual for your employees
  • KOLBE Test
  • Enneagram Test
  • Love Languages
  • Strength Finders 2.0Episode with Tom Rath
  • Focus on People, not Purpose, Practice or Profit

Connect with Brian:

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