AGL 116: Corey Blake – Storytelling, Vulnerability and Leading with Love

About Corey

Corey Blake began his storytelling career as an actor, starring in one of the 50 greatest Superbowl commercials of all time (Mountain Dew, Bohemian Rhapsody) and in campaigns for American Express, Miller Beer, Mitsubishi, Wrigley’s Gum, Hasbro, and other name brands. Today, Corey is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), the publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press, and a speaker, film director, artist, and storyteller. He has been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and his work in storytelling has been quoted/featured in the New York Times, USA Today, and Inc., Forbes, and Wired Magazines. Corey pioneered the business comic book, packaging and publishing dozens of titles—including best sellers by Tony HsiehMarshall Goldsmith, and Robert Cialdiniand has spent over a decade helping CEOs, founders, and thought leaders to electrify their brand using the storytelling mediums of books, films, podcasts, and art installations. His work has yielded 15 Independent Publisher Awards, a Belding, a Bronze Lion, and a London International Advertising Award. His articles have been published in Writer Magazine, and on FastCompany, and The Huffington Post. He is the creator of the Vulnerability Wall—whose clients include Microsoft, ADP, Marketo, and Workday—and the Vulnerability is SexyTM card game. His documentary of the same name won 2017 ADDY and HERMES awards for branded content, and his TEDx talk has over 20,000 views.  Corey travels around the country delivering keynotes and facilitating storytelling workshops for organizations of all sizes.

Today we talked about

  • Vulnerability
  • Leading with Love
    • Leaning into Learning
    • Ownership
    • Vulnerability
    • Elevate to Brilliance
  • Energy of the Room
  • Presence
  • Self Relationship
  • Safety
  • Truth – Trust comes from transparency
  • Humanity in the workplace
  • Guided Experience – pup

Connect with Corey

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