AGL 120: Christopher O’Donnell from HubSpot

About Christopher

Christopher O’Donnell is a technologist, musician and public speaker who has built dozens of web and mobile products. His product portfolio ranges from language learning products for the U.S. military to the most popular free CRM product in the world. Today, Christopher serves as Senior Vice President of Hubspot Product, which he led from startup ($50M in revenue) to successful publicly-traded company ($600M in revenue). Christopher has become a staple in the product management community, and was recently named one of the Best Product Leaders of 2019 (via Comparably). As an experienced leader, he is passionate about leading and supporting teams to build anything, from developing tech products to creating rock & roll records. He is a highly-rated public speaker and a frequent guest lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and major global corporations, speaking on topics like leadership & team-building to audiences of over ten thousand. Outside of his day job, Christopher spends his time as songwriter and guitarist for his band The Providers, with whom he has recorded dozens of albums across a variety of musical genres.

Today We Talked About

  • Hubspot Culture
  • Music
  • Leadership
  • Product Development
  • Autonomy
  • Culture of Ownership
  • Think Like an Owner
  • Using the values in speech
  • Building Great Teams
    • All about the people
      • A Diverse Team is more likely to be a high performing team
      • Everyone is a recruiter
      • Always raise the bar
      • Be Patient when Hiring
    • Recruit People Above You
      • Hire People Better that you
    • Be Transparent
    • Stretch Your team
    • Get Feedback – being active about getting the feedback
  • The Providers

Connect with Christopher

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