AGL 138: Laurel Lau – Six Atlas

About Laurel

Upside-DownLaurel Lau is a digital nomad and executive coach, as well as founder of Six Atlas, where she activates organizations to disrupt stagnant business models and take advantage of innovation for immediate impact and competitive advantage. Born in Hong Kong but educated in the United States, Laurel has spent her life navigating changing environments and cultural expectations. Her mission today of helping organizations shift and adjust against rapid innovation & changing technology was largely shaped by her lifelong journey of constantly shifting to “fit in” and best contribute to her colleagues, her employer, or the country in which she found herself. Laurel found clarity at age 22, and carved her own path to discover as much as she could about the human mind and conscious leadership, leveraging both to successfully manage a team or organization facing a disruptive market. Today, Laurel facilitates curated workshops for organizations around the world, creating customized strategies designed around industry trends and each company’s unique internal capabilities. Working with leaders and teams within each organization, Laurel develops a balanced innovation portfolio for the firm, enabling them to stay true to their DNA while building a culture where innovation thrives and success is a given.


Today We Talked About

  • Laurel’s background
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Conscience Leadership
  • Leadership Tips
  • How you talk about your business
  • Develop the culture of innovation
  • Understand your Why
  • Being a Digital Nomad
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership Mistakes

Connect with Laurel

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