AGL 167: Python with Doug Farrell

About Doug

The Well-Grounded Python DeveloperDoug has more than 20 years of software development experience in a number of industries and disciplines; Internet, corporate intranet, web applications, retail software, embedded systems and process control. He has demonstrated abilities to deliver successful software applications on an individual basis as well as leader, or member, of a team. Doug has an exceptional ability to work cross discipline with other groups and bring projects to a successful and profitable conclusion.

Having been in the industry for a number of years, Doug fully embraces the concept that “change is the only constant” and is able to take full advantage of emerging technologies and demonstrate the benefits of new technologies to co-workers and management. He always meets and exceeds expectations, and broadens any team he is a part of. As a contributor and team leader of software development projects, he has acquired strong abilities with a number of languages. These include developing rich web applications on Linux based platforms using Python as his server application language of choice. Doug is also a strong client side developer with skills in JavaScript and JavaScript tools. He is well versed in Python, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML, CSS, SQL, RabbitMQ and recently getting up to speed with React.

Specialties: teaching new technologies, both in the corporate environment, as an Adult-Ed instructor and at a STEM facility near me. In addition, having worked in embedded systems he’s very attuned to the need for efficient and high speed software required in real-time systems. His most recent work includes development of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) as a full-stack developer creating REST and GraphQL based systems for SAS (Software As a Service) architecture.

Today We Talked About

  • Doug’s career
  • Why python?
  • Be a developer, not programmer
  • solve problems
  • Pillars of development

Connect with Doug

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