AGL 170: Blendification with Dan Bruder

About Dan

DanBlendificationiel M. Bruder is the CEO of Fusion Dynamics Group, a Colorado-based strategy and leadership firm. Dan has an accomplished background in Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing Operations, Brand Development, Customer Service, and Corporate Finance. He started his career in banking, becoming President in his 20s; he later transitioned into hospitality leadership roles before moving into entrepreneurial ventures culminating in an international consulting practice. Dan is also a faculty member of Colorado State University’s Executive MBA program and the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Graduate Leeds School of Business. He holds a BS in business finance and an MBA, each earned at the University of Central Florida.

Dan believes that businesses have the ability to substantially impact communities through their products and people. With this idea in mind, he created The Blendification® System, a signature series of workshops and keynotes addressing culture, strategy, and execution, to help companies realize their potential and spark communal growth.

The Blendification® System’s concepts and tools integrate technology, team forums, and internal peer groups to strengthen and connect businesses at every level. Additionally, these programs have an outward reach that uplifts not only companies, but the individuals, families, and communities surrounding them. Leaders embracing this opportunity for maximal impact ensure their organization’s sustained success as personal and professional lives become increasingly intertwined.

To learn more about Dan, book him for your next event, or activate The Blendification® System in your organization, visit:

Today We Talked About

  • Blendification?
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Culture Pyramid
  • Leadership Intelligence Pyramid
  • The Focus Spectrum
  • cBEST Model
  • STEEP Impact Questions
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Habits


Connect with Daniel

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