AGL 172: Corry Robertson

About Corry

The Coaching Academy for Leaders Corry Robertson is a leading global expert on organizational culture, engagement and retention in the tech industry, with over 20 years experience and a client list that includes Fortune 100 companies.

Corry supports executives and emerging leaders through coaching, leadership training, and human performance improvement and management.

Her clients say conversations with Corry are deeply meaningful yet highly strategic and productive, uncovering solutions for complex challenges.

Corry is also the founder of The Coaching Academy for Leaders, offering ICF accredited programs. The Academy’s unique proprietary method blends coaching competencies and leadership theory in a revolutionary way to help individuals and teams achieve high-level results.

Having coached leaders in some of the world’s most influential organizations, her passion is to deliver results, build strong corporate cultures, and make change work.

Here is the link to the free Self Assessment app: 
For anyone out there who wants to learn how to use coaching as a leadership style, here is the link to more information about the Fall session offered by The Coaching Academy for Leaders where they can also download the full PDF Brochure with complete details. –

Today We Talked About

  • Corry’s background
  • Engaging Employees during COVID
    • Engagement Zones
    • Meaning and Purpose
    • Results
    • Culture Development
  • Self-Awarenesses
  • Stress management
  • Communication of Expectation
  • The Titanic Syndrome
  • And Much More!

Connect With Corry

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