AGL 174: Equality in Tech with Bobby Allen

About Bobby

Bobby Allen serves as CTO and Chief Evangelist for CloudGenera based in Charlotte, NC.
Bobby is a veteran of Intel, Bank of America, TIAA and multiple startups including one that was successfully acquired by the former CSC (now DXC). He went into corporate America after being an Intel fellow at the University of Michigan (MS in Computer Science and Engineering) and a Meyerhoff scholar at UMBC (BS in Computer Science). Bobby has been involved in cloud computing startups since 2012.

He frequently advises CXO’s on cloud strategy and logical equivalents in cloud technology. His goal is to provide data-driven output to move decision-makers from information to clarity to insight. Bobby has been a featured speaker in various events and digital formats including VMworld, AWS re:Invent, theCube, crowdchat, The CTOAdvisor and Gigaom’s Voices in the cloud. He’s equally skilled talking to analysts or technical teams but most enjoys helping customers separate fact from fiction.

Bobby also serves as Stewardship Pastor of Wellspring Church – a Gospel centered, multi-ethnic community in Charlotte, NC. Bobby is a member of the preaching team at Wellspring and is responsible for technology, finances and facilities. He’s grateful to be part of the team that helped complete a multi-year building purchase and remodeling project. Wellspring moved into their new home in December 2019.

Today We Talked About

  • Bobby’s background
  • How has COVID changed things?
  • Being there for your team
  • Flexibility… Arrange Work around Life
  • Race relations in Tech
  • Biases in Leadership
  • Give Grace
  • Faith
  • Equality
  • Empathy and Unity
  • Coming together
  • Cancel Culture
  • Forgiveness
  • “The Change that Did Not happen in You is not responsible for the Change that Did Not Happen in Me.”

Connect with Bobby

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