AGL 176: Somi Arian on Career Fear

About Somi

Somi is a tech philosopher, international speaker, entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, and LinkedIn Top Voice influencer. Her work focuses on the impact of technology on society at large, the business landscape, and the future of work.

A sought-after transition architect, Arian has given talks and workshops to industry leaders from organizations such as the BBC, The Economist, Marie Claire, Amazon, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Virgin Atlantic, and American Express. Her 2018 documentary, The Millennial Disruption, was nominated for a dozen international film festival awards, winning the Worldfest Houston Silver Remi for Best Documentary Short Film (2019) and Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema’s Best Directory Documentary (2019). Her new book is Career Fear (and How to Beat It): Get the Perspective, Mindset, and Skills You Need to Futureproof Your Work Life. Learn more at


Today We Talked About

  • Somi’s career
  • COVID-19 – Future Adaptations
  • Resilience – Struggle
  • AI – Artificial Intellegenice
  • Neuralink
  • Documentary
  • EQ/EI
  • Gary V

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