AGL 212: Leaders in Lockdown with Atholl Duncan

About Atholl

Leaders in LockdownAtholl Duncan is an Insead qualified executive coach. He blends his wisdom of having “been there and done it” in a range of board roles with his experience from a decade of coaching CEOs, CFOs and high potential leaders. He is currently Chairman of three organisations – Black Isle Group, UK Coaching and Scottish Salmon, which represents a one billion-pound sector of the UK economy. He is also a former Chairman and non-executive director of the British Horseracing Authority – which runs the UK’s second largest spectator sport – and Audit Chair of a cinema business which runs the Edinburgh Filmhouse, the Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen and Edinburgh International Film Festival. Atholl was a senior executive at the BBC for many years. He led the BBC’s coverage of the Lockerbie disaster and the Dunblane shootings. Atholl’s executive education is from Insead, Harvard and Cranfield where he studied leadership, strategy, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, organisational politics, executive coaching and systems psychodynamics. He also specialises in personal brand building, individual impact and presentation skills. He relishes “speaking truth unto power”.


Today We Talked About

  • Atholl’s career
  • BBC
  • Agility
  • Focus
  • Working together
  • Trust
  • Mindsets
  • Shape the new future
  • Dynamics and Mechanics
  • Seven Themes
    • New Age of Purpose
    • New World of Work
    • Tackling Inequality
    • Global Cooporation
    • Resilience
    • Resetting the Supply Chain
      • Just in time to Just in case
    • Maximizing Potential
  • Empathy and Compassionate leadership
  • The Great Resignation
  • Leading Model
    • Look like a leader
    • Empathy, empowerment, emotional intelligence
    • Awareness
    • Deliver
    • Impact
    • Nurturing
    • Game changers
  • Think Purposely
  • Listening

Connect with Atholl

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