AGL 244: Sumit Gupta

About Sumit

Sumit started as a techie in 2005 and fit the typical geek profile – good at computers and programming but introverted when it comes to people skills.

He has worked in companies like InfoEdge ( (2005-2008), Yahoo (2010-2011), 91Mobiles (2013), and Booking (2014-2020). In addition, I also incorporated two startups – SaleRaja (from 2007-2010) and CricketRadius (in 2012) and co-founded a non-profit Pick A Fight (2011-12).

As it happens with most people who are good at their job, SumtI was soon leading a team of 14 people. He was 24 years at that time, and had no idea what leadership was all about. To make it worse, he wasn’t even aware that people management and other so-called soft skills can be learned.

For the past decade and a half, Sumit has researched and studied human behaviour and leadership. These years of research led him to Deploy Yourself, which started just as a series of articles and is now a philosophy that I use as a life guide.

Sumit continues to pay attention to details (like body language, emotions, words and tone of voice, etc) yet at the same time being aware of the totally unpredictable nature of human beings.


Today We Talked About

  • Sumit’s background
  • Leadership
  • Emotions
  • Easy and Difficult
  • Practice
  • Positive conversations
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • People don’t you to tell them what to do
  • Directive
  • Transparency
  • Trust vs. Distrust
  • Invite Feedback
  • Being Defensive
  • Walking One-on-ones


Connect with Sumit

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