AGL: 264 Cyber Security with David Kakish

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June 13, 2022
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June 27, 2022

AGL: 264 Cyber Security with David Kakish

David Kakish

About David

David Kakish is the founder and President of RIA WorkSpace. It’s his belief that small and midsize Registered Investment Advisors and Financial Advisors are different than other businesses. He likes to think of these RIAs as the Small Giants in the financial services industry.

David is committed to higher standards and easier access to enterprise level IT and cyber security for small and midsize RIAs. He believes that an off-the-shelf IT setup doesn’t meet the unique needs of the industry and encourages RIAs to seek out better, enterprise-level solutions to protect their business and their clients.

Under his leadership, the RIA WorkSpace team developed cloud and managed IT platforms specifically for RIA and Financial Service firms. They’re keenly focused on creating leading edge security and headache-free environments for their clients.

While not at the office, David is an active reader and enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He loves traveling, learning, and spending time with his family. On the weekends, you’ll typically find him coaching one of his kid’s sports teams.

Today We Talked About

  • David’s background
  • IT Security
  • Microsoft 365 Security Features
  • Not using features of M365
  • Ransomware
  • Cyber Security
  • DLP – Data Loss Prevention
  • MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Power in simplicity
  • RoN – Return on Negligence
  • Leadership
  • Enterprise Single Sign-on
  • Microsoft Security Score
  • Who is auditing your IT group?

Connect with David

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