AGL 270: Stuck! with Dr. Victoria Grady

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July 26, 2022
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August 9, 2022

AGL 270: Stuck! with Dr. Victoria Grady

victoria grady

About Victoria

Stuck: How to WIN at Work by Understanding LOSS

Dr. Victoria M Grady is the Academic Director of the MSM Graduate Program and Associate Professor of Management/Organizational Behavior in the School of Business at George Mason University.   Victoria is also the Professor in Residence for the Healthcare People and Change Practice for FORVIS based out of Charlotte, NC.  Victoria’s research portfolio focuses on the behavioral implications of organizations introducing and implementing organizational change—her unique emphasis is the role of Attachment Behavior and Transitional Objects within the change process. 

Victoria’s consulting practice includes work with United States Federal Government Agencies, Private and Public Healthcare Organizations in the United States and United Kingdom, Utility Organizations in Australia, K-12 and Higher Education Institutions, Nuclear Power Plants, and Non-Profit Associations.

Recent research publications can be found in Harvard Business Review, CEO World, Washington Business Journal, Bloomberg News,, the Journal of Change Management, and The Public Manager.  She is co-author of Stuck: How to WIN in Business by Understanding LOSS, Productivity Press: Routledge Taylor Francis Group, 2022, The Pivot Point: Success in Organizational Change, Morgan-James Publishing, 2013, co-author of Family Capitalism: Best Practices in Ownership and Leadership, Routledge (Gower) Publishing, 2017 and Attachment in the Workplace: Managing Beneath the Surface, Routledge Taylor Francis Publishing, 2020. To learn more, please visit her website at or reach out via LinkedIN.

Today We Talked About

  • Victoria’s background
  • Organizational Changes
  • The Custom Approach
  • Tech Leadership
  • Culture
  • Post Pandemic Culture
  • Memory, Emotion, and Learning
  • Stuck
  • Beneath the Surface Challenges
  • Challenges with Remote work
  • Is the grass greener?
  • Great Resignation
  • Engagement
  • Burn-out
  • Awareness Test

Connect with Victoria

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