AGL 293: Lift Your Impact with Richard Newman

Lift Your ImpactAbout Richard

Richard Newman is an award-winning writer and speaker with expertise in leadership communication.  He is also the Founder and CEO ofBody Talk. Since 2000, Richard and his team have trained over 100,000 people worldwide in 46 countries. In the new hybrid world, there are more ways to communicate than ever before, but finding true connection and engagement still eludes many of us. Without the ability to effectively engage an audience and inspire action, new ideas struggle to be implemented, adding frustration and failure to the workplace. Richard transforms that failure into success, helping one client gain over $1 Billion in new business and winning 100% of the pitches he coached them on by applying the breakthrough strategies he teaches.

Richard began his communication journey by living in a Tibetan monastery in India for six months, teaching English to monks. Body language and voice skills suddenly became absolutely essential to Richard’s work, as the monks spoke no English when he arrived, so they had to communicate non-verbally. When he returned to the UK, Richard continued to study advanced communication skills while working as an actor on stage and screen. In 2000, Richard combined his passion for communication with his love of storytelling when he founded UK Body Talk Limited.


Over the next 21 years, Richard and his team developed a new, science-backed coaching method designed to create real and practical results. Richard’s breakthrough research on communication has been published in the Journal of Psychology. Richard’s clients include CEOs, Vice-Presidents and leadership teams across many industries, including Virgin, Expedia, NYU

, Microsoft and 3M.

Richard documented his journey in his best-selling book, You Were Born to Speak, which debuted at #1 on Amazon for both Kindle and Hardback. In 2014, Richard was the recipient of the Cicero Grand Award, the most coveted prize in the world for speechwriting.

Richard’s new book ‘Lift Your Impact’ explores how you can ‘Transform your mindset, influence and future, to elevate your work, team and life’.

Today We Talked About

  • Richard’s background
  • Living with the Monks for 6 months
  • Congruency
    • Much match the word with your body language, vocal tonality, etc.
  • RBF – Resting “Blessed” Face
  • Communication Improvement
  • Reading Children’s books
  • Reading Famous Speeches
  • Palms up vs. Palms down
  • Mindset
    • Values – Principles
      • Value Shift
    • Vision
      • Shift Identities
    • Archetypes
      • Shield
      • Sovereign
      • Sage
      • Servent
      • Sprite
      • Show Time


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