AGL 300: Mona Akmal from Falkon AI

About Mona

Falkon CEO and Co-founder Mona Akmal is a product and engineering veteran who builds resourceful, kind, and output-driven teams that create and scale success-enabling products. With a passion for crafting elegant solutions to technically difficult problems, she has grown teams, businesses, and many products at Microsoft, Amperity,, and Zulily. The impact of Mona’s work includes ramping from $0 to $11M in ARR and 15 household brands as happy customers at Amperity; from 10M to 100M students learning computer science on the Code. org platform; and from 1M to 1B docs in the cloud with OneDrive and Office.

Today We Talked About

  • Mona’s background
  • Data
  • Useful data
  • Automation
    • Positive Emotional connection with tasks
    • Impact to the business of automating a task
      • cost of errors
    • Task must be low cognition or must have lots of data for ML training
  • AI Wars
  • Root cause analysis
  • Leadership
    • Cult Leaders
    • Authenticity
    • Servant Leadership
  • NO MANAGERS – Everyone is an individual contributor
  • Highly Collaborative projects
  • No performance review
  • Feedback training
  • Challenger Program

Connect with Mona

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