AGL 310: LaSean Smith from CAGR

About LaSean

LaSean is a seasoned media and technology executive that has helped build some of the largest consumer technology products in the world. He started coding at ten years old on a TRS-80 MC-10 computer that he begged his parents to buy. The computer was marked down to $59 at a local Radio Shack and provided his on-ramp to the world of software. He held engineering, product management, and strategy roles in the early stages of the web, mobile, and mixed reality (AR/VR). He started his career as an avionics technician in the US Navy. He started four businesses and sold one. He worked as a management consultant at Deloitte, serving clients that included Cablevision, Electronic Arts, Sony, T-Mobile, Target, TOMS Shoes, and Warner Brothers Studios. He managed strategy and operations for a portfolio of apps and games at Microsoft in Azure, Dynamics, and Xbox. As Director of Inspirational Shopping at Amazon, he managed an organization of applied scientists, content curators, product managers, and software engineers focused on the creator economy and social commerce. He currently serves as the founder of private equity firm CAGR Investments.
He holds several patents for inventions related to artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, and media streaming. His expertise in behavioral economics and systems engineering has been applied to corporate entrepreneurship inside Microsoft, where he helped start high-growth businesses that spanned multiple industries. He led the integration and ongoing management of multiple M&A deals. Beyond technology, he’s an executive producer for six indie feature films. His grasp of content production and software development across games, mobile, and the web allows him to tackle business opportunities with a broad toolkit.
He is a graduate of the Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA. He holds a B.S. from Southern Illinois University, a master’s in Media & Computers from Arizona State University and an MBA from Georgetown University with a specialization in Marketing and Strategy. His product strategy book, Values-Based Business Design, explores how to develop high-growth products in the modern global marketplace. The methods behind the book have been implemented in multiple venture-backed startups. He’s been fortunate to help launch products that have found their way into the hands of millions of people. His quest continues to fill the world with fresh ideas, new sounds, bold images, and captivating experiences that help people reach their full potential. His personal north star is six words. Know thyself. Make things. Stay free.

Today we talk about

  • AI
  • Automation
  • Why investment in AI, tech and Automation?
  • Rule of 40 for SaaS Companies
  • Sales Automation
  • Microsoft Co-Pilot
  • ChatGPT
  • Choose your people (Audience)
  • Acquire or build durable distribution
  • Find the Pain point
  • Build the product
  • Where it all goes?

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