AGL 318: Jimmy Burroughes

About Jimmy

Jimmy Burroughes is a leadership expert on a mission to change the way we achieve results. With over two decades of experience as an Officer in the British Military and a track record of success as a people leader in top global organizations. MBA and extensively qualified as a coach and facilitator, Jimmy has developed a passion for building high-performance cultures by making the complexity of better performance simple, and therefore easier to apply. He and his team have developed a proven facilitation-led approach and delivered in some of the world’s largest organizations.

Jimmy hosts his own podcast and is also the author of Beat Burnout – Ignite Performance. It’s the leader’s guide to building a high-performance team. The book was the product of multiple years of research, working with 7 to 12-figure businesses all over the world and taking those best practices and distilling them down into five simple variables. He can share insights incorporating elements of neuroscience, behavioural science, energetics, and a variety of standard leadership concepts Jimmy is a highly engaging guest, who is a specialist in simplifying high-performance concepts into a format that will both engage and encourage your listeners to try new things. Outside of work, Jimmy splits his time between living at the beach in Los Cabos scuba diving, or in central Mexico, hill running, whilst constantly searching for his next property project with his partner and dog.

Today We Talked About

  • Jimmy’s background
  • Military Leadership
  • Leadership by fire
  • Military Leadership into Corporate Leadership
  • Have a good Staff Sargent
  • Act as an information Conduit
  • Tap into the talent of those around you
  • Prioritization and Decisions
  • Pay if forward
  • Provide Safety Rails
  • Ego
  • If you don’t know what Great looks like, Design Terrible
  • Beating Burnout
    • Purpose
    • Abundance
    • Connection
    • Exploration
    • Downtime
  • Purpose
    • Your Purpose
    • Team’s Purpose
    • Organization’s Purpose
    • Purposes need to be aligned
  • Book

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