AGL 320: Real Talk with Chinazom Sunny Nwabueze

About Chinazom

real-talkChinazom Sunny  Nwabueze is the Founder of Dreamcatchers Performance and a high performance leadership coach and behavioural science consultant with BetterUp Inc. Chinazom also created a mental fitness online community, a video chat series, delivers workshops and presentations on mental fitness and has amassed over 2,000 hrs of coaching.

Chinazom has recently published his new book Real Talk: A New Approach for Men’s Mental Fitness and Wellbeing. In it he shares critical insights gained from coaching and pairs it with solid data and impactful storytelling. Real Talk explores the idea that people, especially men, need to drop the facade that everything is fine, and actually talk through their issues. Chinazom argues that men need to ask better questions of those they are closest to.

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Today We Talked About

  • Chinazom’s background
  • Mental Fitness
  • Athletes
  • Mind wandering
  • Kids help prioritize
  • Focus Time on your calendar
  • Clockwise
  • Movement and Nature
  • Know when you have energy
  • F*ck it switch
  • Talk it out
  • Say it aloud
  • Take a breath

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