AGL 327: Govind Balu

About Govind

Govind Balu is a visionary entrepreneur and experienced executive with a strong background in data and AI to drive business growth across different industries. As the Founder and CEO of QuaXigma, he spearheads the company’s vision to transform organizations into data-driven enterprises. With an extensive career spanning senior leadership positions at companies such as Allstate, CVS, Walgreens, and Bank of America, he led the deployment of differentiating solutions such as CVS Extracare, Bank of America Preferred Rewards, and AllState GoodHands Rescue programs.

Govind observed that small and medium businesses struggle to effectively extract value from data and are unable to compete in a landscape where larger organizations more effectively leverage AI. Motivated by a desire to make data and AI easily accessible to SMBs, Govind founded QuaXigma with a clear mission to develop and deliver solutions that deliver business value by focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction, and strategic consulting.

Today We Talk About

  • Govind’s background
  • AI
  • Data Analytics
  • Defining Data
  • KPIs – Key Performance Indicators
  • Seeing Data as an asset
  • Net Promoter Score


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