AGL 336: Kyle Kiser

About Kyle

Kyle Kiser is Chief Executive Officer at Arrive Health, the leader in delivering real-time cost and coverage data to decision-making workflows. In this role, he focuses on helping providers and care teams improve patient access, affordability, and outcomes while reducing administrative burden. By partnering with health systems, health plans, IT vendors, and pharmacy benefit managers, Arrive Health enables transparency and better patient care nationwide.

Since 2013, Kyle has helped grow the company from a vision to a reality, and has been at the forefront of some of the most transformational initiatives in healthcare. In particular, he has focused on projects that lower the cost of care, improve adherence, and enable informed decisionmaking. His focus on interoperability has allowed partners to improve provider workflows and reduce medication costs for millions of patients. Kyle has helped develop incentive strategies for the countryʼs most innovative employers and led product launches with the nationʼs largest payers. Prior to Arrive Health, he was a senior leader at Welltok, Catapult Health, and Principal Wellness Company.

Today We Talked About

  • Kyle’s background
  • Pricing in Healthcare
  • Automation
  • Laws and regulation
  • HIPPA data
  • Health plan price transparency
  • Future of Healthcare Tech

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