AGL 340: Ryan Glasgow from Sprig

About Ryan

Ryan Glasgow is the founder and CEO of Sprig. Sprig is the leading product experience insights platform and works with high-growth companies including Figma, Notion, Loom, and Dropbox.

Prior to starting the company, Ryan was Product Manager and early team member at five different companies that he helped scale from startup to successful exit, including Weebly, which was acquired by Square, and Vurb, which was acquired by Snapchat.

Today We Talked About

  • Ryan’s background
  • Leadership in general
  • Growing up in the Valley
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Hyper Segmentation
  • Win as a Team
  • Never Settle
  • Acknowledge your success
  • Shared Wins
  • AI Design Patterns
  • Product Roadmap Newsfeed

Connect with Ryan

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