AGL 341: Tech for Good with Marga Hoek

About Marga

tech-for-goodMarga Hoek is a three-time CEO, Chair, and Board Member. Due to her visionary, purpose-driven leadership, Hoek has gained recognition over the years as a global thought leader on sustainable business and capital. She is a multi-golden-awarded bestselling author of the trailblazing titles New Economy Business (2014) and The Trillion Dollar Shift (2018). Fortune praised The Trillion Dollar Shift, which highlights opportunities the UN’s Global Goals hold for business, as “required reading.” Recognized by Thinkers50 for her global management thinking, Marga Hoek coined the slogan “Business for Good” in 2014 to emphasize her mission “to make Business for Good the norm, rather than the exception.

Today We Talked About

  • Marga’s background
  • Fear of AI
  • Difficulty with Change
  • Tech for Good
    • Purpose driven technology
  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Sustainable technologies and products
  • Food and product waste
  • Carbon emissions
  • Purpose driven work
  • 3D printing parts from waste
  • Trackless trams in China
  • Moonshot Thinker

Connect with Marga

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