AGL 344: AI with Robert Plotkin

About Robert

The Genie in the MachineRobert Plotkin is a leading expert in leveraging Al to maximize creativity and innovation. His book, The Genie in the Machine, was the first (and still the only) work to address the impact of generative Al on innovation and the patent system. Recognized as a thought leader in human-Al collaboration, Robert empowers individuals with the essential skills they need to harness Al to supercharge their creative abilities. He addresses the common fear of Al replacement by illustrating how embracing Al allows creatives to concentrate on high-level ideation, strategy, and problem-solving, while relegating the routine details to Al.

Having a rare, combined expertise as an MIT-educated computer scientist, an educator, and a seasoned patent attorney, Robert boasts over 25 years of specialized experience in guiding leading tech companies in securing intellectual property protection for their cutting-edge Al innovations. Robert is also an adept communicator, hosting nearly 100 podcast episodes and being a frequent podcast guest on the topic of Al-fueled innovation.

Today We Talked About

  • Robert’s Background
  • AI
  • Legal Concerns
  • How AI is automating innovation and the implications of this for the patent system
  • Skills that we (especially knowledge workers) need to develop to leverage avoid and avoid being replaced by AI
  • Patent law
  • How to use AI
  • What to be concerned about
  • Accuracy Checking
  • Biases
  • AI for Creative professionals

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