AGL 352: Sean Falconer

About Sean

Sean Falconer has a lofty goal: to make the digital economy safer. And he’s doing so one API at a time. A former competitive programmer, entrepreneur, and expert storyteller, his many accomplishments include designing the software used to create ICD-11 at the World Health Organization, founding, and leading developer relations teams at Google. When he’s not interviewing industry insiders as one of the hosts of the popular Software Engineering Daily podcast or diving into all things data security and privacy on Partially Redacted, you can find this world-class tech talent serving as Head of Marketing and Developer Relations at Skyflow, the world’s first and only data privacy vault delivered as an API.

Today We Talked About

  • startups
  • teaching
  • developer advocacy
  • data manipulation
  • privacy
  • abstracting privacy away from engineering


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