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Below are some of the affiliates and sponsors for products/services that I use.  Some of these are affiliate links that provide a small commission if you join using the link provided, but all are products or services that I use regularly.

Private Internet Access

private internet access

I’ve been a customer of Private Internet Access for 3 years now and I love this service.  I was at a security conference a few years ago and I connected to the hotel wifi.  Immediately my endpoint protection software began to alert me of hacking attempts.  I launched my VPN from Private Internet Access and all of the attempts were stopped. My data and internet connection was secure.  Another great use of the VPN service is connect from different geo locations, which is very helpful when testing DNS and CDN caching. To get a your VPN account starting at $3.33 per month, please visit https://ageekleader.com/vpn




berkawebIf you’re looking for a web hosting provider but aren’t sure how to choose one, check out Berkaweb.com. Berkaweb is a free online resource maintained by Mark Berka, where you’ll find tests and comparisons of hosting providers in different categories, such as hosts with the cheapest annual plans, providers with cheapest renewals, hosts with the longest money-back guarantees, and much more. In contrast to most other hosting reviewers, Mark formulates his recommendations by actually purchasing a hosting plan from each company and putting up a test website, so you’ll be getting an objective look at the true service quality of a provider, not just a rehash of the company’s own marketing claims. Visit  https://ageekleader.com/berkaweb/ 


TrelloI’ve been using Trello for half a dozen years now. It’s a simple tool that allows you to create boards for projects and cards with checklist and due dates.  Trello is owned by Atlasssian software, who makes Jira, a more robust agile project management tool. . Trello is a free cloud based solution perfect for small teams and small projects.  My wife actually uses a Trello board to manage our “things to do” list for household projects and tasks.  We have another family board for gifts too. Please use my affiliate link when signing up – https://trello.com/johnrouda/recommend



I have a Peloton Tread that my wife and I both use. We love the classes and they are very good at keeping us motivated.  I’ve been a runner (although a slow one) for a long time.  I’ve even written a couple of books on running.  I used to hate the idea of a treadmill.  When you have kids, sometimes you just can’t get outside and run.  The Peloton is so much different than any other treadmill I’ve ever used.  The huge screen is amazing and the classes keep you coming back. The tread is also a slat tread which is completely different than the rubber band treads that I was used to.  It makes running feel more like being outside. Use my referral code for $100 off of accessories when you buy either a bike or tread.

Get $100 off accessories when you buy the Bike or Treadmill using my referral code: JDT2MK

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So my wife bought a Model X. It makes all other cars feel stupid.  I love my F150 truck, but driving  her car is a totally different thing. The acceleration is ridiculous. The car is so smart, it even opens the door when  you approach the car, and shuts and locks the doors as  you leave.   You can adjust the suspension along with every other feature of the car from the huge 17″ screen.  It’s the fastest, quietest and most amazing car I’ve ever driven.  Plus it looks beautiful.

Use my referral code for 1,000 free miles of supercharging. https://ts.la/valerie32383 




A2 Hosting

I’ve been using A2 Hosting for several years.  They offer state of the art SSD hosting for all of their plans.  Their sites are super fast and easy to setup.  I rarely need support, but when I was migrating my sites to a larger plan I used their support services and they were phenomenal.  I highly recommend A2 hosting for all of your hosting needs.  And I also recommend everyone to have a personal website. If you’re in technology and looking for a job and don’t have your own website, I probably wouldn’t hire you.  Just sayin’

Please use my affiliate link when signing up.  http://www.a2hosting.com/?aid=02f2adde 


Stitch Fixstitch Fix

I haven’t done my own clothes shopping in years.  Stitch fix does the shopping for me, my wife, and all 3 of my kids.  They take care of the fashion and ship me a a box with cloths to try on and I keep what I like, and send back what I don’t.  The process is simple and affordable.  Want $50 to try it out?  Click Here

Please use my affiliate link when signing up. https://www.stitchfix.com/invite/johnrouda?pbid=13925035&sod=w&som=c 

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