AGL 035: The Reluctant Leader with David Neal

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June 13, 2018
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AGL: 036 – Respond, Don’t React
June 26, 2018

AGL 035: The Reluctant Leader with David Neal

This is a special treat for all the listeners to A Geek Leader Podcast.  My guest today is David Neal. Like me, he’s from the south and I’m sure you couldn’t tell that by either of our accents.  He’s a well known keynote speaker, software developer, Microsoft MVP, and technical leader. He’s a father of 5 sons (that’s right FIVE!!!) and an amazing artist who sketches all of his keynote presentation slides.

I’ve met David several times at conferences in the Southeast and most recently at CodeStock 2018.  After hearing David’s Leadership Guide for the Reluctant Leader talk (see the video below), I had to get him on the show, and lucky for us, he agreed.


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