AGL 039: Your F.A.T.E Equals Your Productivity

AGL 038: Velocity & Inertia
July 6, 2018
AGL 040: Focus
July 10, 2018

AGL 039: Your F.A.T.E Equals Your Productivity

FATE - Focus Assets Time Energy Podcast

Today I’m going to do something totally different.  I’m going to do a blitz week.  5 episodes in 5 days.  These will be on the topic of managing your F.A.T.E.  The acronym F.A.T.E stands for your finite resources, your Focus, Assets, Time and Energy. I first heard about this from Toddy Henry, host of The Accidental Creative. I highly recommend you check out his podcast and his books. I interviewed him a while back about his book, Louder than Words, Click Here to listen to that conversation.

In this episode I’ll set the stage for what’s time come.  I’m breaking these four finite resources into their own shows so that you can go back and re-listen to the ones that you need the most work on managing.  These are also perfect shows to share with those around you that might could use a boost in one of those areas as well.  Stay tuned, we’ll dive into managing your focus tomorrow.

  • Focus – Remove distractions, pomodoro technique, batch email and slack, setup creative and brainstorming times on your calendar.  Use deep work.
  • Assets – Manage your assets.  Your team, your money, your resources, your systems, your software, etc.
  • Time – Time management will be a longer podcast or training class at some point in the future, but here are some of the basics that I talk about when dealing with time management plus a bonus with the video of Randy Pausch’s time management talk (He’s my CSCI hero).
  • Energy – exercise, coffee, take breaks, work on things you love, Velocity & Inertia.  Find your best time to work.

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