AGL 051: Daniel Argandona, Managing Director for Fortalice Solutions, LLC.

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AGL 051: Daniel Argandona, Managing Director for Fortalice Solutions, LLC.

Daniel Argandona

Today on the show I have Daniel Argandona, Managing Director for Fortalice Solutions, LLC.  Fortalice is a boutique, white glove, cyber security services firm. In this episode we talk about Dan’s journey through his career and how he got started into the cyber security and eventually found himself as the managing director for a cyber security firm in Washington D.C. While talking today, we discussed his takes on leadership, ego and management.  Dan mentions that one of his favorite quotes is from General Colin Powell:


“Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.”
― Colin Powell

Daniel Argandona is a motivated, energetic, and results-focused senior leader with exceptional expertise in planning and managing the execution of strategic, cross-organizational, transformational initiatives. Argandona has 17 years of demonstrated success leading multi-disciplinary teams to execute complex initiatives; and managing C-level, senior engagement/stakeholder relationships. He also has significant experience managing initiatives which launch new business models, and/or replace legacy operations.

Recently, Argandona led the stand-up of a digital organization responsible for incubating and executing strategic initiatives for a multinational client recognized as an industry leader creating innovative dining locations at airports worldwide.  As Program Director, he was responsible for planning the execution of newly established Digital Innovation initiatives across 120 airports, and 300+ unique brands.  The focus on these initiatives was to keep the client always at the forefront of the latest airport dining technology.

At Fannie Mae, Argandona served as the Director of Program Management for Strategic Initiatives where he led the development and execution of five strategic initiatives across the organization, and achieved the merger of two strategic initiatives operations which transformed the existing business model.  He also led operations for an initiative which had a multi-year scope, an impact across multiple front line divisions, and a budget exceeding $140M. This initiative spanned 600+ resources, 67 cost centers and 30 workstreams.

During his extensive career, Mr. Argandona has operated in multiple countries throughout Europe, South America, and North America. He co-led the program execution of a $20M multi-year, multi-phase project in Brazil and Spain with 110 practitioners representing seven countries.

Mr. Argandona is a first-generation American whose family hails from both South America and Spain.  He belongs to a multinational family, with origins in Peru, Venezuela, and Bolivia, and is the proud father of four boys.

To learn more about Dan and Fortalice Solutions, you can visit their website at or follow them on twitter @fortalicellc


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