AGL 076: Bobby Allen, CTO for CloudGenera

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October 29, 2018
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November 5, 2018

AGL 076: Bobby Allen, CTO for CloudGenera

Bobby Allen serves as Chief technology officer (CTO) for CloudGenera and as Stewardship Pastor for Wellspring Church. He brings the unique perspective of being a thought-leader in Cloud Computing while helping lead a Gospel-centered, multi-ethnic church in Charlotte, NC. Bobby is a veteran of Intel, Bank of America and multiple startups.  He went into corporate America after being an Intel fellow at the University of Michigan. He is available to speak to your organization or at your next event about how to move from information to clarity to insight.

Today we talked about:

  • Time management as a start-up
  • New Leadership for a New Year
  • Being Present
  • Ask your spouse “How present you are?
  • Transparency
  • Don’t bring the bad stuff home
  • Importance of Mentors
    • Need a Paul (someone to go before you)
    • Need a Timothy (someone to come after you)
    • Need a Barnabas (someone that’s right there with you)
  • Don’t let ability compromise integrity
  • Do you want your boss’s job, or their boss’s job?
  • Think about your next 2 moves
  • The size of your platform doesn’t matter
  • Bi-vocational careers

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