AGL 083: Growing as a Leader with Carl Kinghorn from EFC Systems

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AGL 083: Growing as a Leader with Carl Kinghorn from EFC Systems

Carl Kinghorn

About Carl

Over the past decade Carl Kinghorn has had the opportunity to grow as a leader within EFC Systems. He has championed changes to culture, processes, and development techniques that has enabled scaling the company’s ability to deliver quality software to its clients in the agricultural space. During this time, he’s seen the company triple in size; and in his role as VP of the software development group, he gets to be a leader and a teacher with a goal of enabling his teams to succeed.

Carl is active in the Nashville development community as a technical speaker and is President of the non-profit Nashville .NET User Group (@NashDotNet). He brings an enthusiastic and welcoming presence to the group whose mission is to serve the community by organizing events that enable networking, education, and career guidance.​​

Carl has a BBA in Information Systems from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).

What we talked about

  • Relationship changes in growth
  • Transparency
  • Work for the team
  • Alignment / Autonomy Matrix
  • Collaboration
  • Culture Change
  • Purpose
  • Communication
  • User Groups
  • Speaking
  • Providing Value without Coding
  • Say “We” not “I”

Connect with Carl



Nashville .Net User Group

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