AGL 112: Expectations and Frustrations

Expectations and Frustrations

In this episode I talk about how having unrealistic expectations can lead to frustrations and disappointments.

Many of us are frustrated and disappointed in our careers, work, and in the things that we achieve.  There are many reasons we are disappointed, but I think our expectations are probably one of the biggest culprits. In this episode I talk about setting realistic expectations and trying to align our expectations in a way to reduce disappoint without being super negative.  We want to maintain the “cup is half full” mentality, while still understanding that our expectations are not always going to be fulfilled.  One thing that I’ve learned that helps with this is gratitude.  I’ve talked a lot about gratitude on this podcast, and even had A.J. Jacobs on to talk about his book, Thanks a Thousand. Gratitude is a key when dealing with and preventing disappointment.  When we discover that our expectations are not being fulfilled the way we hoped, we need to turn our mindset around and figure out what things came from this unfulfilled expectation that we can be thankful for.

In this episode I’ll talk about:

  • Setting proper expectations
  • Using gratitude to recover from disappointment
  • How to keep a positive attitude
  • Rationally thinking your way out of a negative mindset
  • Dealing with frustration


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