AGL 118: The role of CISO with Sean Walls

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August 16, 2019
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August 30, 2019

AGL 118: The role of CISO with Sean Walls

Sean Walls

About Sean

Sean Walls is currently Vice President of the Cyber Security division for a multi-billion-dollar international standards, QA, digital testing and cybersecurity corporation. He has 19 years of experience in cybersecurity and information technology and is a frequent keynote speaker and advocate for cyber security.

Today We Talked About:

  • The importance of influence and relationship building as a CISO
  • Qualities to develop if you want to be a CISO
  • Aligning security with business priorities
  • Risk Management fundamentals
  • Finding and retaining good talent
    • Give a Career Path
    • Give Praise
    • Have Humility
    • Have Empathy
  • The expanding attack surface and changing threat landscape
  • How to present to the board of directors
  • What is governance in Cyber Security

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