AGL 133: Becoming Independent with Sidar Ok

About Sidar

Sidar is an executive coach and renowned independent management consultant in IT strategy, and founder of IQoach. He helped dozens of professionals to multiply their value in the job market, and capture that value personally by becoming a freelancer, getting promoted, getting raises, etc.

His clients are no less than fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Fujitsu, etc.

His new coaching program is specifically geared for employees wishing to increase their income by becoming an independent consultant

Today We Talked About

  • Sidar’s background
  • Leadership Journey
  • Do leaders have to have a background in the area they are leading?
  • Coaching
  • Capturing your value
  • Earn more of what you create
  • Side-hustle
  • 1000x leaders
  • Becoming an independent consultant

Connect with Sidar

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