AGL 146: Working Remote with Gonçalo Silva CTO of Doist

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February 28, 2020
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March 13, 2020

AGL 146: Working Remote with Gonçalo Silva CTO of Doist

Gonçalo Silva

About Gonçalo

Gonçalo Silva is obsessed with building the workplace of the future. That’s why he joined Doist almost a decade ago, and it’s why he remains there today as CTO, helping to build tools like Todoist and Twist that help over 13 million people worldwide be more productive.

Today we talked About:

  • History with technology
  • Doist
  • Growth
  • Remote work
  • Leading remotely
  • Motivating Remote Teams
    • Mission
    • On-boarding Remote Employees
    • Managing Independence
  • Communication for tech leaders
  • Ownership
  • Trust
  • Tight feedback loop
    • Radical Candor
    • Red – Yellow – Green checkin
    • Vulnerability
    • Start, Stop, Continue
  • Body language
  • Remote Employees

Connect with Gonçalo

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