AGL 191: Happiness with Becky Morrison

About Becky

Becky Morrison is a UC Berkeley Certified Executive Coach with a passion for helping people live happy, priority-aligned lives.

After a successful career in financial services, as a litigator and then in law firm administration, managing several hundred attorneys and staff at one of the country’s premier litigation firms, she was looking for a new challenge and transitioned to a small investment firm where she was COO.

This transition helped her recognize that her true passion was people, she started her own coaching practice. Becky is also a life-long learner who is currently working towards her LLM in Taxation from Georgetown Law School and currently lives in VA with her husband and two children.

Today We Talked About 

  • Happiness… What is it?
  • Time Management
  • Happiness Recipe
  • Gaps
    • Authenticity Gap
    • Emotional Energy Gap
    • Physical Energy Gap
  • What are your barriers
  • Dealing with Fears
  • Success Stacks – File and Log all things that have gone well
  • Time Logging
  • Having a Brag practice
  • What’s your biggest challenge right now?
  • Be curious
  • Global Re-prioritization

Connect with Becky

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