AGL 219: Artificial Intelligence in Business with Daniel Faggella

About Daniel

Daniel Faggella is Founder and Head of Research at Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research. Daniel is a globally recognized speaker on the use-cases and ROI of artificial intelligence in business.

Called upon by organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, INTERPOL, and global pharmaceutical and banking companies, Daniel helps business and government leaders navigate the competitive landscape of AI capabilities, and build strategies that win.

Daniel’s AI predictions and research has been featured in TechCrunch, Inc, Xconomy, Forbes, and more. His research is referenced in Harvard Business Review, the World Economic Forum, MIT Technology Review, and more.

An entrepreneur since the age of 20, Daniel founded and sold two previous companies before Emerj – including a martial arts academy he started at 21 years old to pay for graduate school, and an Inc 5000 eCommerce business.

Daniel is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, winning the title of 2011 national champion (IBJJF Pan America Games).

Daniel graduated with a masters degree in Positive Psychology from UPENN, focusing his thesis research on skill development and skill acquisition.

Daniel’s writing about the business and moral implications of AI and emerging technologies have been featured in publications such as: TechCrunch, Boston Business Journal, VentureBeat, Xconomy, VICE Motherboard, the World Economic Forum, PEW Research and more.

Today We Talked About

  • Dan’s past
  • What is Artificial Intelligence Research?
  • Ethics
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) in general
  • Neuro Link
  • What can AI do? and What can’t AI do?
  • Understanding the AI Strategy in your business
  • AI in Finance
  • Healthcare and Life sciences
  • AI in business podcast
  • How do I sell AI to my boss?
  • AI vs. Machine Learning

Connect with Daniel

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