AGL 234: Turbulence with Monique Maley

About Monique

Turbulence: Leadership’s Unsexy Solution to Streamline Rapid GrowthMonique Maley is a CEO, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. In 2011 she founded Articulate Persuasion, her third entrepreneurial success and a company that cultivates authentic and influential leaders. As a classically-trained actor with more than a decade spent in the theater and film industries, Monique offers her clients unique insight into influential communication. She leverages her actor’s toolkit and entrepreneurial experience to mentor leaders with a distinctive approach that emphasizes adaptability, impactful communication, and connection with others. Monique’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, complex government-funded organizations, and scrappy startups from around the world.

In Turbulence, Monique Maley shares the insight she’s gained from years of working with entrepreneurial leaders to help you identify the most common ways that turbulence disrupts your organization. She provides you with the tools and strategies you need to create an iterative cycle of leadership that begins with you. Whether you’re struggling to build a cohesive culture, experiencing conflict with your board of directors, or failing to see blind spots holding you back, this book shows you how to overcome resistance that stands in your way. You’ll learn how to slow down so you can speed up, assess and address turmoil and instability, and unlock the most effective, articulate, and persuasive leader you can be. 

Today We Talked About

  • Monique’s past
  • Actor
  • Theater Owner
  • Optimization
  • Clarity
    • who am I talking to
    • what do they need to know
    • perspective
  • Confidence
    • Authentic Confidence
    • Concise = confidence
    • Only Confident people say “I don’t know”
  • Storytelling
    • Know your audience
    • What’s the moral of the story
  • What is Turbulence?
  • Hiring Talent

Connect with Monique

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