AGL 347: Jon Perl from QA Wolf

About Jon

Jon Perl is the co-founder and CEO of QA Wolf, a startup building the QA solution every engineering leader wishes for. Prior to QA Wolf, Perl led engineering teams in the healthcare and home services space, where he learned firsthand how difficult automated regression testing can be — and how critical it is for teams to have. His interest in software engineering comes from an overarching desire to eliminate boring, repetitive tasks and give people their time back. He has a dog named Finn and enjoys hiking.

Today We Talked About

  • Jon’s background
  • QA Challenges
  • Automated testing
  • Test coverage
  • Mistakes and learning
  • Sell it first, then solve the problem
  • AI to solve the QA problem
  • Listen to your customers
  • Company Values
  • virtual coffee


Connect with Jon

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