AGL 045: Andy Davis – Venturi’s Voice – Tech Leadership and Career Podcast

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AGL 045: Andy Davis – Venturi’s Voice – Tech Leadership and Career Podcast

Andy Davis

Today we have Andy Davis from Venturi Group on the podcast. Andy is the host of Venturi’s Voice podcast (itunes) and currently the Director of Marketing at Venturi Group, an IT Recruitment agency based in the UK, New York & Berlin.

Andy has an interesting story and background.  He started out working for seed level startups and even worked on the now famous Hyperloop project that was spawned by a paper from Elon Musk.

We talk about startup culture and some of the things Andy learned while working for startups and some advice to folks wanting to go down the startup path. We talk about some securities that you get when working for a larger more established companies, but also some things that you learn when working for startups.  Andy has a unique perspective when it comes to this as he has worked in both realms.

During our talk today we discussed the importance of personal branding and some tips on how to build your personal brand in a way that is beneficial to your career even if you’re not looking for a new job. We talked about the benefits of using recruiters and why you should build a relationship with recruiters whether you’re hiring or not.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you listen to the interview I did on Venturi’s Voice where we talk more about leadership here.


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