AGL 046: Positive Leadership with General John E. Michel – USAF

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AGL 046: Positive Leadership with General John E. Michel – USAF

General John E. Michel

General John E. Michel

I’m really stoked about our guest today.  Retired General John E. Michel, from the US Air Force is joining us to talk about the power of Positive Leadership.  Now that he’s retired from the US Air Force,  John serves as the Executive Director of Skyworks Global Inc., Council Member of U.S. Council on Competitiveness, Chairman of the Board for DemandTrans, co-founder of the General Leadership Foundation and much more.  John is also the author of No More Mediocre Me and The Art of Positive Leadership.

General Michel grew up in Europe, where he learned to appreciate the beauty and value of engaging with diverse people and cultures. This fascination inspired him to commit his life to studying and practicing all aspects of individual and organizational development.

Throughout his career, John helped people and organizations work through the challenges associated with developing high performance cultures and actionable strategies in an ever-changing world.

As a leader, instructor and mentor in the fields of complex organizational change, appreciative inquiry, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and corporate well being, John has successfully led several multi-billion dollar transformation efforts and his work has been featured in a wide variety of articles and journals, including the Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, National Geographic, Joint Forces Quarterly & Huffington Post. 

In addition to serving our nation as an active-duty USAF General Officer, John enjoys translating cutting-edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience into practical approaches to elevate satisfaction, accelerate performance and facilitate growth. John has conducted hundreds of seminars to help people discover their strengths, move beyond their fears, and learn what it truly means to flourish & thrive with confidence, courage, humility and humor.

In his own words, John is married to the most patient, loving person on the planet & together, and they have two amazing sons. I encourage you to visit his website at and and check out his books, No More Mediocre Me and The Art of Positive Leadership.

Today we talked about leadership, leadership and more leadership.  This was one of my favorite interviews so far. You’ll be missing out if you don’t listen to it in its entirety.

John spoke a lot about passion and path. You have to not only know the possibilities, but the path to get there. John says that leaders need to pay attention to themselves and put the ego away. During this podcast we discussed the following books, you can find links to them on Amazon below:

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