AGL 057: Learning Leadership with Scott Drake

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August 27, 2018
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AGL 057: Learning Leadership with Scott Drake

Scott Drake

Scott Drake – VP of Technology

Scott Drake is on a mission to help great technologists become great leaders. His 20-year career includes stops at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., at startups in Silicon Valley, and he is currently the Vice President of Technology for a medical education company in his hometown of Louisville, Ky. He is the author of “The Programmer Hiring Playbook: A Crash Course in Interviewing and Hiring for Your Real-World Needs,” and he is the founder and curator of, a free website that helps technologists create leadership development plans and discover high-yield learning resources.

Things we talked about

  1. The hiring process
  2. Re-hiring your team annually
  3. Leading isn’t about “Me”
  4. Success in tech isn’t determined by “tech itself”
  5. Make sure you build the right thing, not just build things right
  6. The Four Levels of Leadership (see below)
  7. Second order thinking (get over tech)
  8. Be willing to give up control
  9. Discover and Embrace your Authentic Self

Four Levels of Leadership

  1.  Lead Yourself
  2.  Lead a Team
  3.  Lead a Department
  4.  Lead an Organization

Connect with Scott Drake

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