AGL 122: Building Better Teams

Building Better Teams

Today I’m doing a solo show talking about building  better teams.  In this episode  I talk about the following:

  • Foundation
  • Interior
  • Refinements
  • Exterior

FIRE is the acronym I use when describing building in this talk.  Under each heading I discuss things I feel are important.


  • Leadership.  Pulling vs. Pushing
  • Cultural Norms (IT Code)
    • We Act Like an Owner
    • We Have Each Other’s Back
    • We Choose People over Process
    • We Question our Assumptions
    • We Think Big and Start Small
    • We Don’t Create Waves, We Ride Them
    • We Are Intentional About Our Work
    • We Fail Fast and Recover Faster
    • We Are Not Experts, And Will Keep the Posture of a Student, Always Learning
    • We Make the Complex Seem Simple
    • We Make Life Easier for Those Around Us
    • We Are Here to Serve, not Be Served


  • Motivation
    • Carrots and Sticks
    • If / Then
  • Serving together as a Team
  • Playing together as a Team


  • Purpose
  • Field Trips
  • Biology of Leadership


  • Give Credit to Individuals and Team
  • Never Blame Individuals
  • Create Annual Reports

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