AGL 153: One in a Billion with John Hittler

About John

“How were you able to pull that off?”

One in a BillionThis question follows John a lot, in his professional, personal, and charitable endeavors. John specializes in creating seemingly impossible outcomes, whether transforming a struggling team to become the top performer, or engaging an audience with his playful, interactive, life-changing style. His belief is simple: we are each endowed with one Genius Talent, different than any other person on the planet. John uses his genius to create seemingly impossible outcomes and in doing so, helps people win big!

Professionally, John partners with clients to create outcomes that they simply could not imagine possible, through an encouraging coaching style. “The clients always set the agenda,” says John, “and my job is to make the process of lasting behavior change or transformation safer and more attractive than standing still.” That result comes about often in a playful manner, transforming work into play, and unleashing individual, team, and organizational “genius” in the process.

John runs Evoking Genius, a transformational business coaching company. “We take struggling teams and help them to transform into top performers. We take already great teams and partner with them to break through to the next highest level. That almost always centers upon releasing the pent up talent in each individual and team. That sounds simple, and it’s not always easy. Our job is to make that process accessible, attractive, and mostly…safe. It never hurts to make it fun too,” claims John, who spent more than his fair share of time in the principal’s office for his playful approach to life. That same approach makes transformation much more appealing for clients.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Economics and German from Georgetown University, John quickly found the entrepreneurial path much to his liking, starting 9 companies and one charitable foundation, all in different markets, ranging from catering to medical devices over a 20 year span. He now centers most of his energy on his coaching practice and writing books, as it fits both his genius and his passion to help others win big! He speaks to Fortune 1000 teams and organizations, and also enjoys working with smaller entrepreneurs in EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and YPO (Young Presidents Organization). John still sits on charitable boards, mostly in the area of eliminating child poverty and human trafficking. Giving back is simply part of his personal ethic. His first book, The Motivation Trap, debuted in October of 2018.

In his private life, John and his wife, Radhika are the parents of seven, three of whom are adopted orphans, and that same ethic of creating unity from diverse cultures rules in the family. “My 7 kids have six different sets of DNA, with only two sharing the same biological parents. We are one family, and we all get along because we share one common vision together—to care for and nurture each other’s growth and success.” That simple approach spills over into everything he touches—to create “big wins” for people by working together for one agreed upon goal.

When not working, John can be found at a CrossFit affiliate, keeping ultra-fit and competing in local, regional, and national fitness competitions. His trademark pasty white legs are easily spotted among the participants. John also loves to cook, especially for close friends and family. “Food is love”, says John frequently. “There is always room for one more special guest at the dinner table in our home. That one last person is usually the one who needed to be included the most.”

My Genius Talent is discovering surprise outcomes by modeling a newly affective mindset. 

I do this by redesigning the steps of the process used for accomplishing initial results, by taking immediate action to create momentum.

And then by adjusting and course correcting to improve the results. 

I do this because I believe if you impact those around you, you leave a legacy.

Today We Talked About

  • John’s Background
  • Coaching and Transformation
  • Motivation Trap
  • Genius Talent
  • Hire your opposite
  • Growing your strengths
  • One in a Billion

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