AGL 161: Jennifer Byrne

About Jennifer

In high tech or any role, Jennifer Byrne is an advocate and example of what it means to be an original thinker who can effectively and unapologetically communicate how aptitude, and action will differentiate you in work, family, community and certainly business.  Utilizing wisdom gained from twenty years in the tech industry, and a lifetime of unlikely adventures, Jennifer now teaches others through her role as an advisor to startups, personal mentorship to young leaders, and a forthcoming book, how to apply an innovator’s mindset in order to survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced, tech-infused world.

With this mindset, determination and the corresponding technical skills to excel, Jennifer progressed quickly to Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft US. She worked with companies and organizations across all industries and market segments to re-frame their business opportunities in digital terms. With an innate ability to connect disparate parts, Jennifer was able to infuse innovation practices into Microsoft’s technical field teams which led to high-value and well-publicized digital transformation strategies with top global companies.

Jennifer’s passion is using technology to create empowerment opportunities for everyone, not just corporate leaders and members of the tech sector. Through her relatable and sometimes provocative style, combined with her her back-story of building a career in tech from an unlikely start, her audiences learn to up-level their own thinking and re-frame the way they see their own potential.

Under Jennifer’s leadership, her teams at Microsoft undertook innovation projects within economic regions which were designed to foster inclusive growth in a cross-sector and community-oriented manner.  She led the fifteen Microsoft Technology Centers across the US, which host thousands of customers and community events each year.  In previous roles at Microsoft, Jennifer was responsible for market expansion initiatives leveraging business model and technology innovation for governments and their citizens, healthcare companies and consumers, and education providers and students around the globe. She joined Microsoft as the Chief Security Officer for the Worldwide Public Sector Division in 2014.

Prior to Microsoft, Jennifer was a leader in Cybersecurity, having held technical, sales and executive positions at companies such as Intel, McAfee and Symantec.  She began her career in technology as an Information Security Analyst and Engineer serving US Government clients.  Her first career, which remains her passion today, was in the non-profit world working with under-served populations.

Today We Talked About:

  • Jennifer’s background
  • Her time at Microsoft
  • And what else?
  • Be curious.
  • Diversity
  • Women in Tech
  • Tech jobs
  • Leadership
  • Giving Back

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